Grace Janet Thuita

Singer , Composer & arranger

Janet a creative survivor is a Singer and composer who considers the role of coaching and sharing her knowledge in any aspect in life, as well as Motherhood her paramount priorities. She loves and credits nature and her life’s experiences for her most profound lessons.

Hailed as a song bird in contemporary Jazz, Janet is blessed with a remarkable voice, raw and smoky, but with a tenderness that hits right at the heart, vibrantly deploying her rich, sensual and husky instrument, best described as ‘velvet gravel’.

It has been said that, Janet combines all styles along with her emotionally charged lyrics and a broken sensuality in her voice“. Rare is the artist to garner comparisons to Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, John Coltrane, but Janet in her own unique way has been compared to them all.

Janet Has always wanted to break the rules. With a history of Jazz singer and choir leader the last thing anyone would have expected from this tall sultry singer was a blues/rock project. This was born after going to a music festival in Zanzibar and having a long talk with 102 year old singer BI- Kidude, whose words full of wisdom strongly impacted her, and after visiting the house where Freddy Mercury was born. She therefore recorded PERMANENT ADDICTION. Changes in her life forced her to relocate to Germany and with that put a halt in launching the rock/blues project

She is currently working on her next project, relating her memories recollected between Kenya and Spain and sharing the best she gathered from those two worlds, languages and people . Janet makes songs her own. I never think about anyone’s approval,” she says. “I just do what my heart demands. Sometimes in the music business people do what they think other people will like, but that’s a limitation. I just want to be true. I want what Charlie Parker’s got — I want eternity.”