Janet Thuita

Singer , Composer & arranger

Janet Thuita was born in Nairobi, Kenya in September 1966.

The comments that follow are gathered from the critics in the artistic circle during her many years as a professional.

Janet, a descendant of various generations of musicians and composers, received her musical preparation from her father CHARLES THUITA, pianist, singer and composer dedicated basically to Negro spirituals.

The late Charles Thuita, a Veteran and professional had his musical demands influence strongly on Janet’s decisive way of singing and composing .

She has had an excellent trajectory as a professional which begins at the age of twelve years of age when, in her fathers hand she takes the stage for the first time to interpret one of his compositions .

Janet was a lead singer of the Boomerang band in 1982 (Jazz-Fusion) where she manifested some excellent qualities as a soloist and outstanding every time she performed among those of her class. Her professional experience gave her a chance to be the lead singer in a recording with “ THE MUSHROOMS ” whose fame quickly spread throughout the African continent and part of Europe.

In 1990 Janet commenced her tours in Africa. In September of that same year

She moves on to the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES where she’s accompanied by a pianist (The Sensational Duo) for three months.

She returns to her Nairobi ,Kenya and for two years works in musical productions and also has time for some quick escapes for concerts in LONDON, SEYCHELLES, or ITALY (Cortina D´ Ampezzo)

In 1992 she Changes her residence to Madrid, Spain and together with a prominent guitarist and composer , Angel Rubio they form the group NAIROBI.

The following year Janet and NAIROBI open up The GRANADA JAZZ FESTIVAL, since this group formed of musicians from Spain, France and U.S.A, was the great surprise of the year and caused great expectation, in the same festival were other groups like the NEW YORK SWINGERS, JIMMY JOHNSON BLUES BAND and CECIL BRIDGEWATER.

1n 1994 Janet Participated in THE BILBAO JAZZ FESTIVAL where she added her voice to MADERA a group directed by ANGEL RUBIO with the Hit

kurinda Malua” a Kenyan folk song rearranged by Herve Cappoen giving it a new Jazz-ethnic sound. In this same year together with NAIROBI, she takes part of the CASTILLA LA MANCHA JAZZ FESTIVAL.

In 1996 Janet is one of the artist most awaited for during the JAZZ AND ETHNIC FESTIVAL OF MADRID among others like ISMAEL LO (Senegal), BOSTON ART QUARTET or STEVE COLEMAN. In this occasion she surprises us with new compositions in Swahili and Kikuyu, her mother tongue , but always wrapped up in that unmistakable jazzy tone, so sensual and profound.

She has been accompanied by some of the best national instrumentalists like Angel Rubio (Guitarist), Baldo Martinez (Bass) or Jose Vazquez “Roper”( Drums) . And International musicians such as Herve Cappoen ,France ( Bass, ), Tony Heimer, Alabama U.S.A (pianist), or Giancarlo Spirito , Italy ( Drums and Percussions).

In 2013 Janet moved to Germany, Düsseldorf due to some changes in her personal life.

Now working on her new project which narrates her memories and recollection between Kenya and Spain.